Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Update: Owners subpoenaed city officials but Mufi Hannemann's city corporation attorneys quashed on basis that public officials are very busy; owners are a nuisance, harassing and inconveniencing these officials in their work.

Ironically, on their way home to Hauula, owners saw Bryan Mick - City Community Relations - sign-waving for "Mufi Hannemann for Governor" in front of Nimitz City Mill at 11:34 am August 11, 2010.

How arrogant and corrupt can this be?

Google: Hawaii Eminent Domain Abuse for you-tube of city council proceedings.

Court case is CIVIL: 10-1-0863-04 (RAN) PRO SE

Any help or suggestions is appreciated. This is little people vs Big Bad Wolf Honolulu City Hall. Contact FriendsOfHauula@gmail.com

Where the fiscal priorities?

Why spend this money in this economy with furloughs and job cuts and rising taxes?

Which contractor is waiting for this plumb contract?

Why such a fire palace for a little rural town of Hauula?

There are already 14 fire stations within an hour's radius but only 1 Police sub-station in Kahuku between Kaneohe and Wahiawa?

Where is the justification in spending $13 million when others are suffering from furloughs, pay cuts or cut services? Some firemen have said they prefer the assurances of a steady paycheck than a new fire station at this time.

Please contact FriendsOfHauula@gmail.com if you can help fight this injustice.

You-tube on eminent domain abuse at City Hall

Bureaucratic incompetence

Bureaucratic arrogance

Government rules

Government vs the people

Government vs the people

Bureaucratic arrogance

$13 million with city's fiscal crisis?